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Источник: otograffiti.org/about/terms.htm

Город: Perm
Сайт: otograffiti.org/about/terms.htm
Место: Photograffiti

Terms of participation in the contest program

The contest topic shall be “City Stories”.

Applications for the qualifying round need to be submitted by March 31, 2012.


  • Art-photography.
  • Photojournalism and documentary photography.


  • Grand Prix Festival – a “Photograffiti” basalt cube and 250,000 rubles.
  • Prize for the best nominated “Art-photography” project— a “Photograffiti” glass cube and 150,000 rubles.
  • Prize for the best nominated “Photojournalism and documentary photography” project — a “Photograffiti” glass cube and 150,000 rubles.

The contest is divided into two stages:

  • The 1st round is qualifying. It is held on the festival Website.
  • The 2nd round is the Grand Prix Festival, the creative contest for the best photo project dedicated to Perm for the winners of the first round. It is held in Perm.

Requirements for participation

Participants in the contest program must be photographers, ages 18+, country of residence irrelevant, who have read and accepted with the Festival Regulations

The First round is qualifying

To take part in the qualifying round one needs to fill out the application form found on the Festival official website and upload a series of photographs dedicated to the contest topic “City Stories”. The number of photographs in a series should not exceed 20.

The series included in the Top 100 of the qualifying round will be presented to the public on the website.

Requirements to works presented for the qualifying round.

Only series of photographs (photo projects, photo stories, photo essays, sequences, reports, etc.) dedicated to the contest topic “City Stories” will be accepted for the Festival contest program.

Any city of the world may be chosen as the basis for your story.

All photography genres, styles and concepts are acceptable. Art-photography is defined by the festival organizers as artistic image created using means of photography, and photojournalism and documentary photography are defined as an authentic story about a situation, event, trend or topic, narrated in the language of photography.

File format for uploading is JPEG, maximum size is 2 Mb.
The long side size for horizontal works is 1,000 pixels, for vertical works - 900 pixels.

ATTENTION! Placing the author’s name on the picture, as well as in the title or signature, is not allowed. Violation of this requirement may result in cancellation of the application.

The Second round is the Grand Prix of the Festival.

The best 5 participants in each nomination (10 people in total) will be invited to Perm to take part in the creativity contest for the Grand Prix of the Festival — the contest of photo projects dedicated to this city. They will be offered all conditions necessary for comfortable and effective work.

The competitors will have 7 days to invent, shoot and compile their “Perm stories” and upload them to the festival Website, where the jury will select the Grand Prix of the Festival and one best project in each nomination.

These three projects shall be presented to the audience in the framework of the exhibition program during the “Photograffiti” festival in June 2012.

Upon the completion of the exhibition the works presented by the winner will be transferred to the collection of the Perm Museum of Photography.

For more details on the structure and principles of operation of the festival seethe Festival Regulations.

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