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01 Марта 16:03

Альбом : Ретро

Жанр : Техника

Условия съёмки : Немного света от окна, вспышка, самодельный отражатель на скорую руку:)

Tags: токарный станок, ретро, хх век, 1953 г, мастерская


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    Именно так все и было в старые времена....
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    Бедный станочек У друга примерно такой стоит в мастерской, очень даже рабочий, хотя больше полу века ему уже.
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    Этот тоже скрипит, люфтит, но крутится. Он 1953 года выпуска
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    Anatomy of a heart, Drama of life and cherry

    Old postcards are so cool to collect! Luxury retro-divas, wonderful hats, shameless attires … Most of the items can’t be imagined on modern postcards, some of them have even become a taboo. This smoking girl, for example: it used to be cute, now it is outrageous.

    “Morphine Addicts”, Paris

    Simone, “Anatomy of a heart”. Can you imagine this one to receive from your friend? A thoughtful anatomist is scrutinizing a heart of a young lady in his pince-nez.

    By the way, there’s a love letter on the back… It has such words somewhere in the middle: “…the letters are of mixed type – protreptic and lyric. Is this my fault that you are so silly? I miss you so damn much, and weird enough – I want badly to see you. It is annoying me, it makes me mad.” And more: “I like to be free, when my heart is free etc., and a little bear thrusted its claws in my heart, i don’t want that. Impudent you! Don’t you see? I hate you for this .. and love you”.

    And this one, that does not seem less weird can be a reply of a ” little bear”. “Madness”

    And so they have two “layers of correspondence” – in words and in pictures. Other “Anatomists”

    “Before an operation”.

    Less sophisticated ones: “Engaged”


    “Waiting for your caress”

    “Got spliced against their will”


    Some weird ones: “Drama of life”

    Some rhymes of Nikolay Gumilyov on the back …

    Such images are not used for modern postcards …

    “Rats catching”

    “Red riding hood”

    “Far-sighted widow” – “Should I put on black garters just in case?”

    And finally these stunning weird zombies. What can this be about? In the 60s there was such a film: “Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-up Zombies”, this one could be its billboard …

    It’s cool when postcards are signed. “Coquetry”

    It says something like this: “To a divine Vera – Violet i’m sending this card. I find much likeness here with you and hope you won’t deny. I often imagine you to sit like this in the morning at a dressing table and violets smell sweet over you. Now i understand how powerful you are and can say straight: the only thing I see is your nice image but soon I’ll see you. The coquetry is the only thing about you, but I love you”. “

    Dear Lyolya!
    Come to our place for cherris, they are so cheap now, one pail is for 15. When you come, we’ll make much jam. Write me when you decide to come, cherries are cheap, obeisance. Love, Marusya”

    And when Lyolya read she saw this on the other side. “These ladies probably don’t know what cherry jam is” – and Lyolya became so sad ..

    “My darling! Alas, my prosperity is over. I don’t know what waits for me in the future and how I will further live. The fact is that the lawyer decided to cut my expenditures and I lost my job. So, please, don’t count on help in March.”


    On the back: “Now i will”

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